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Preparing for the First Wedding Dance

That first time that a newlywed couple takes to the floor together at their wedding reception is traditionally called the first dance. It is one of the most memorable moments that a couple will share forever.

Dancing in front of a crowd of your favourite people to a song you have both chosen can feel daunting but with wedding dance lessons Manchester, it need not be such a dreaded affair. Instead, it can be one where you are both in control and are having fun by taking steps towards pulling off a moment everyone will remember.

How Do You Do a Wedding First Dance?

Tradition is great, but today more and more people opt for an alternative take on the wedding first dance between a couple.

Over the years there have been groups of bridesmaids and best men who have joined in on the fun to deliver a memorable dance where anything goes. You no longer have to abide by the tried and trusted method of a slow dance if you do not wish to – well unless you love the thought of being classical.

Most people know straight away that they want to learn a routine for their chosen song whilst others want to add a few unique moves to avoid that awkward wedding dance shuffle. Whatever you choose for your dance, it does need to be complex – you just need to start with looking and feeling confident, and that is what wedding dance lessons are for.

Practice Makes Perfect

Couples today can choose between an improvised two-step or waltz for the special day, or go fully prepared with a choreographed routine, either traditional or fun and surprising.

Getting to know the flow of your music and the ideal steps to take towards its highlights allows for dips and twirls to add character to the piece. With lessons, you can rehearse and iron out any of those little trickier steps and turns. As the lessons progress, your muscles will begin to remember the steps and turns with ease and intuition will take over, allowing it to feel more and more natural towards your big day moment.

With private dance lessons, you can both make a night of it once a week allowing you to spend a great time together ahead of the big day and helping each other overcome those first dance nerves. If your dance involves others, it can be part of a great get-together with your friends each week.

Stressing Over Stepping

If you think that learning a lot of choreography will just add stress to the proceedings, then simply look at it as getting to know your music. You have chosen the song for significance and can simply add s few small pieces to traditional dance to make it your own.

During your dance lessons, your teacher will help make certain aspects such as leading and following much easier with little tricks that you can learn not just during the sessions, but at home also.

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