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The Importance of Training for that Wedding Dance

As a couple on their wedding day, the tradition of that first dance is something that everyone waits for – a significant moment of you both moving in unison. It is something that also causes a lot of concern if you simply wing it and do not prepare. The slow dance may be the safe bet, but over the past few years – in the era where Strictly has altered our preconceptions of what dancing is – most couples want their dance to be something truly special and enjoyable – which is why taking up wedding dance lessons Manchester is so important.

Today’s wedding dance songs are more upbeat, and the dances are becoming more extravagant. The days of the slow, rocking back and forth dancing is seeming years behind the times –  everyone likes something much more energetic.

Knowing You Need the Step Up

Typically, the most common phobia around the first dance is not moving together or stepping on each other’s feet. The other problem is finding one song that fits the mood to dance to as a ‘slow dance number.’

It is especially frustrating when you both love something much more upbeat as your favourite songs or dance number, but today you don’t need to follow the older traditions – you can Strictly the hell out of it and give a real show in the process. It is certainly something that you can create a memorable from.

Creating a fun dance and enjoying yourself is what it is all about after all, and learning those special moves with a qualified and professional dance instructor brings the fun of that special dance earlier.

Charging Up Your Performance

Over the last decade, there have been a plethora of unique wedding first dances. This has been in the form of brides and grooms surprising each other by learning some fancy steps separately to entire bridal showers busting out a number.

These moments may be a small part of the day, but they are the most memorable. This can be the bridal shower breaking it down to Beyonce or the loving couple sparking their flames with tango or salsa. The more creative you get, the more fun it becomes.

Even the most simple dance routines take practice to get the right steps and motions, and taking the time with a dance tutor to iron out all of the inconsistencies and timing issues makes sure that the day goes off without a hitch – and you don’t hurt yourself on your big day.

Adding Class within the Class

Private tutoring on your big day dance plans is something that offers peace of mind and prepares you for that extra special moment – one that leaves your family and friends in awe.

Working together with a skilled teacher on the dance of your choice helps you as a couple to understand and be lined up with your partner in both strengths and weaknesses in the routine to better support each other, truly sharing the most important moment.

With Darren and Lilia, you are supported whether you decide on your routine or need inspiration. For your spectacular choreographed ceremony entrance, or routine, contact Darren and Lilia to begin sharing the moment and practising with wedding dance lessons Manchester before amazing your loved ones.

They will guide you through couples dance lessons for beginners to ensure your wedding dance is truly spectacular!

For group dance lessons, private dance lessons Cheshire, or wedding dance lessons contact the Darren & Lilia Dance Studio today.