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The Top 5 Popular Dances to Learn in 2022

Learning new things is one of the better pleasures that we get out of life, and – whilst we have some trepidation around taking up learning new areas – we all feel a sense of pride around mastering something we didn’t know previously. Dance is something that takes a lot of learning to perfect, but once we know the steps we enjoy taking part. Any dance style can be mastered with the proper instruction and practice, and having a few dance steps in your repertoire is a lot of fun on social occasions. Here are 5 of the most popular dances to learn that beginners get a real kick from.


You may think that the Salsa is a singular dance, but there are two variations – linear and circular. Salsa is a dance you do with a partner, but there are steps you can master in developing your timing and an awareness of the music you are dancing to.

Taking dance lessons in Salsa helps you to master your steps and get comfortable with your shines (the footwork beyond your basic steps). Salsa is a great dance for overall body movement, which also helps you to stay in shape, helped by developing your turn technique.

Salsa is a passionate dance for beginners and full of energy.

Social Foxtrot

The Foxtrot is a classical ballroom dance and a popular choice for many beginners looking to gain a few steps out of the gate.

The Foxtrot is a dance reminiscent of those classic Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Hollywood musicals and is incredibly infectious when you start. The dance sequence is a simple four-step tempo which makes for a slow flow and very smooth transition into other ambitious dances.

It is a fun dance to learn, through dance lessons Cheshire, and builds great teamwork with your dance partner.

Cha Cha

Those who like a bit of speed in their step just love the Cha-Cha – a fast, rhythmic ballroom dance from Latin America.

Beginners for this particular dance get wrapped up by the playful and vibrant energy of each movement, having a lot of fun whilst learning the timing that their body becomes accustomed to. The Cha-Cha is comprised of three steps and a shuffle in 4/4 time, which is not a complicated dance to master. Small steps and a ton of hip motion, this is the real fun in learning to dance.


Considered by some as one of the easiest dances to master at a basic level, the Waltz is slow, smooth and encompasses 3/4 musical timing – but it takes learning some grace to make the musicality and flow look consistent.

The Waltz is an impressive dance to master, and adding a rise and fall with your body expression fills you with confidence that you can rule the dance floor.


Learn to dance Jive is exciting for you and a partner to learn, incorporating a lot of energy and fast movement – and incredibly playful and fun.

People love to learn to dance the Jive, its fast paced and fun and looks outstanding on the dance floors, like a quicker version of the swing with a lot of kicks. Jive can be used for several music tastes, from swing to country to electronic and pop… and people get a kick out of seeing it performed.

With Darren and Lilia, strictly come dancing professionals, you can manage to find the right steps in your ideal dance sequence and have a lot of fun along the way.

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