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Learning the Tango: Easy Steps for Early Steps

You have no doubt heard that it takes two to tango – and it only takes two minutes to read up on how to take those first steps to learn tango dancing.

If you have a fanciful desire to learn those first few tango dance steps, then you are stepping into not only one of the most exciting lessons, but also one of the most popular. It has areas that are different from other dances, such as ballroom or salsa. It has quick, sharp movements and a catlike walking movement.

If you think there is only one style of tango, you would be wrong. There are many different interpretations – with the two most prominent being ballroom style and Argentine. The difference between the two is that Argentine has sharper, staccato movement with head snaps that are characteristic.

Tango is danced all around the world by people of all sizes, shapes, and ages. As the main ingredient is walking, it is achievable by pretty much everyone with two good legs.

Basic Steps

With the tango being a walking dance, the first basic movements are not difficult to learn. So much so that you can learn them ahead of your first private dance lessons Cheshire.

Beginners usually start with 8-count basic or simply Tango Basic. Tango Basic comprises 5 steps that are taken to 8 counts of music. You must have heard it before – slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. The slow steps consume two beats of music and the quick take up one.

Tango music is typically written in 4/4 time (sometimes 2/4) and played at a tempo of 30-33 measures per minute. Tango is a close-position dance where a person’s left hand holds the other’s right hand. If we were to discuss this in the typical vein of a man and woman couple, the man would place his right hand on the woman’s back along the bottom of the ribcage whilst the woman would place her left hand on the man’s shoulder. Both parties have to bent the knee.

The lead and follow mirror each other’s steps, with the lead beginning with the left foot and the follow with the right. Walks typically curve gradually to the left.

The male steps forward with the left foot, then step forward with the right passing the left. The third step is the left foot stepping forward to pass the right, followed by the right stepping forward and to the right. Finish the steps with the left foot close to the right foot.

For the female steps, it starts with stepping back with the right foot, then stepping back with the left foot passing the right foot. The third step comprises stepping back again with the right foot to pass the left foot, then stepping the left foot back and to the left. To close the move set, bring the right foot close to the left foot.

These are the simple first steps to learn tango dancing and they certainly can get you in the mood before your dance lessons. For more information on taking up the Tango, contact the Darren and Lilia Dance Studio today.