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Unsure of What Style of Dance to Take Up

Let’s focus on children for a moment. Many parents face that moment when their child expresses interest in dance classes Cheshire but starts to get confused when you ask them what kind of dance they want to take.

Sometimes they even change their mind on which type of dance to do within a few classes as they landed in a style that is not what they expected or wanted. Sometimes it just comes down to doing a little more research and asking a question or two to make things a bit easier.

What to Ask Your Child

Sometimes asking a simple question scatters into many mini questions to determine which type of class suits your child. The easiest place to start is in figuring out the style of dance that has inspired them.

Many kids today get inspired by Youtube videos that they see, such as the popular one where old vintage dance movies are edited into Bruno Mars’s Uptown Funk video. The other thing to get information on is their mindset of wanting to take up private dance lessons Cheshire. Is it just something that looks fun to them? Are they interested in the mental and physical abilities they present or are they spurned on by a more competitive drive?

There are also questions about if they want to learn privately or be part of a group in learning to dance. Different dances equal different benefits after all, and many children like to feel that they are surrounded by others who enjoy it as much as they do.

Also to consider is what age your child is looking to start – and what dances are not overly complicated for them to take so young. Your child may benefit from dance styles that are more approachable until better coordination and motor skills allow for more structured classes.

The Styles

Once we get these answers, then we have the easier question of what type of dance they want to get into.

Do they want to dance like Michael Jackson with his Jazz steps, adapt their body movement to the popular hip hop craze or do something more centred around teamwork such as Ballroom dance lessons or Latin?

All of the interest in certain dance styles are born from somewhere and taking some extra time to show interest in your child’s passion saves on making a wrong move in putting them in a wrong lesson.

If your child has an interest in dance, feel free to bring them to the Darren and Lilia Dance Studio to see the styles that we teach and how they can become a part of it.