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Learning to Dance is Learning to Overcome Fear

Fear is something that holds us back from trying many new things, never mind achieving them. Many of us have the fear of feeling uncomfortable, embarrassing ourselves or learning that we are limited in certain abilities. It is much safer in our comfort zone and not trying to do anything we know nothing about – but it is a preventative block in our growth as people. The human brain and heart need new experiences and progression to be fed. So why not learn to dance!

Edging Out

When we have an interest in private dance lessons, it is something that commonly meets us edging out of our comfort zone and overcoming our fear – and it can be a daunting first step. It is a pretty weird activity to throw ourselves into, and most of the time it involves performing steps in front of other people who also have to step out of that zone.

Whilst doing this in front of other people may feel like added pressure and reason to quickly jump back to position of your comfort zone. The question you need to ask yourself if you want to get into dancing lessons is what is more important – fitting in the confines of your self-made comfort zone or doing the things that will bring you joy?

Not So Easy

First off, let’s just clarify that we know stepping out of the zone is never an easy process – easy exists within the comfort zone after all.

But you need to start by establishing the knowledge that you can push out of your comfort zone into dance lessons with simple steps to start with. Those first steps start at home by watching some online videos and swaying to some music whilst in your comfort spot.

You can also visit a Cheshire dance studio to get a feel of the venue before taking private dance lessons Cheshire and give yourself a pep talk, as well as discuss your concerns with the instructors present. This goes a long way to alleviating fears and concerns about taking your first lessons and finding comfort outside of your usual space.

First Confidence

Generally, after a first dance lessons, the confidence level is instilled and your journey into the exciting world of dancing becomes much easier – and not to forget that you are learning with people who had to learn to dance outside of their knowledge at one time.

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