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Take This Waltz – 3 Simple Steps to Get You Started

At the Darren and Lilia Dance Studio, we see many different types of students with many different dance styles. One of the most common dances that we get an interest in is the Waltz.

Whilst it is not as energetic as a Salsa or Flamenco style, the Waltz is seen as a great entry into the world of dance lessons. From the fundamental box step, to the progressive basic steps around the room, the Waltz is a great starter for those wanting to master control over their feet with basic steps and turns.

The Waltz – Basic Starter

If you can count 1-2-3, 1-2-3, then you can learn the Waltz. It is as simple as that.

The Waltz basic is made up of 6 steps, repeated as the couple makes their way around the room. All the Waltz beats are equal and the tempo is usually slow. As the box step is the most fundamental, you just need to imagine you have a box in front of you and you need to step on the box corners. You’ll also need to include that classic rise and fall technique that you see the dancers do throughout the Waltz.

This is something you can easily try at home as long as you have enough space. It goes like this:

  • The leader steps forward with the left, the follower steps back with the right.
  • Leader steps to the right with their right foot, follower steps left with their left foot.
  • The leader closes the left foot to the right, follower closes the right foot to the left.
  • The Leader steps back with their right foot, follower steps forward with their left.
  • The Leader steps to the left with the left foot, and the follower steps right with their right.
  • The leader closes the right foot to the left, follower closes the left foot to the right.

It can be small steps or larger steps in close or more open positions.

The Turn to the Left

Once you have the box step down, the next step will be turning it around on the spot.

Now don’t try to do this if you have not competently mastered the above. It will not look pretty. Make sure you have those steps down to science first, it is much easier than getting frustrated with the results. To turn it, all you have to do is perform the box step whilst turning your shoulders to the left. If you are doing it right, you are slowly turning around and bringing your partner along for the ride also.

Things to Remember

As you must know from seeing it performed, the Waltz is a ballroom dance that travels the room – and does it in a counter-clockwise motion. But there are some things you need to take into consideration – and will be taught in the private dance lessons Cheshire.

For example, you need to remember not to lean on the leader for support unless required, never to back the lead and always to maintain the centre of gravity. These can be harder elements to master than the simple steps and require some patience and coaching.

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