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Surprising Actors You Wouldn’t Expect to Have Taken Dance Lessons

As most people would suggest, the arts are all interlinked in some form of fashion. Take the world of movie and television celebrities – they all have to add more and more to their repertoire to get challenging and successful work. Dancing is one of those skills that a lot of popular movie and TV stars have had to learn in order to get them further on and complete their overall package. Some actors that dance are surprising to learn and have taken a few beginner steps to success.


In the world of action and superhero movies it comes as no surprise that a few moves and steps fill the natural ability of these larger-than-life heroes – but before certain heroes became iconic, they had a grounding in private dance lessons as a part of their journey.

Hugh Jackman, the iconic Marvel Wolverine for the past two decades, is the complete package when it comes to his knowledge of dance – becoming one of the most versatile performers in the business. Jackman learned his first dance steps as a child and continued his evolution since seeing the movie 42nd Street. His extensive knowledge helped him become even more iconic in The Greatest Showman and currently runs on Broadway in musicals that involve a lot of dances.

Even everyone’s favourite Spiderman, Tom Holland, knows an extensive amount of dance styles from his youth, which he took up to help him audition for a role in the Billy Elliot musical in 2006 whilst still a youngster. The early dance skills played into his casting for the world-famous wall-crawler as he had developed fluid body motion from the many years he spent being taught.

English Greatness

Let’s consider everyone’s favourite villain – Loki. or in this case, Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston also has a range in so many dance styles that every appearance he has on stage, or even on the red carpet, shows off some of his fancy footwork and movements. Between Christopher Walken and Tom Hiddleston, there are enough dance videos and gifs online to fill an entire movie.

Catherine Zeta Jones is an academy-award-winning actress who began taking private dance lessons Cheshire at just 4 years old, and started dancing professionally by the age of 15 in theatre productions. She spent more of her life dancing in various styles, including salsa and tango for movies such as The Mask of Zorro, which certainly helped her achieve iconic status in movies such as Chicago.

Great Examples

Each of these actors that dance, and many more, gained success from taking up dance classes from an early age and continuing to grow as a result. Should your children express interest in dance, these are great examples to showcase how dance classes Cheshire can open the doors to many things.

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