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Guidance and Concentration – Your First Two Dance Requirements

Whenever someone has an interest piqued to potentially take up beginner dance classes, they always tend to ask one thing – What will I need?

The answer for everyone ready to start dance classes Cheshire is simple to start – you need some good guidance and concentrated effort. This is the same for people with a few steps already, to those who believe they have two left feet. Anyone can learn to dance if they take onboard these first two steps.

First Steps Like First Steps

Taking a dance lesson is no more intimidating than learning to walk for the first time. You take private dance lessons because they are fun, engaging, and all about learning something that benefits you no matter if you are dancing competitively, for fitness, or a special occasion.

When you are a beginner, you are not thrown in at the deep and expected to know every move by the end of your first lesson. It is all part of a process and your first lesson gets you engaged and pumped – not discouraged.

You may find that ballroom steps are extremely easy to learn and begin to get ambitious to add some additional steps to your lessons, or want to take your time in getting to grips with the coordination. Taking dance classes is not about competing with everyone else in the class – more about competing with your progress from the previous lesson.

Through your lessons, you will learn multiple ways of mastering your steps – from repeating steps, to counting the music beats to using muscles that may not have been used in years. Week upon week, you will find that it is second nature as soon as the music starts, and that is when you feel the progression and let your confidence take control of your movements.

Multiple Dance Styles

Different types of dance styles offer different skills that you can develop over time. The Waltz is the simplest to master with its four-step routine that provides a grounding in dance and allows you to work on your speed with the steps.

The Foxtrot allows for quick and slow motion to perfectly marriage control to music, just like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers would do back in the golden era of musicals. Swing dancing provides an entrance to incorporating into other dance styles by mastering shifting of weight to different feet over basic steps, allowing for a natural flow to your movements.

Latin styles such as Cha Cha or Salsa allow for more hip and torso movement which provide a great workout for your fitness routine, as well as some eye-opening moves for your next social engagement they could be called upon for.

Skills and Steps

These are all skills and steps you will adopt within private dance lessons, but the biggest steps you can take for your first lesson is the guidance and concentration to allow yourself to have fun.

For beginner dance classes, contact the Darren and Lilia Dance Studio today to have fun with dance lessons and private dance lessons Cheshire.