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What Age Should You Take Up Dance?

When you ask this question, it breaks into two different types of answers. You may read it and think of what age a child should be to take up dancing, whilst others will think of how old is too old to take up a dance lesson.

In truth, there is no age limit to learning to dance – whether it is for competitions, fun, exercise, or just for the love of learning something new.


All children are unique and if you feel your child is at an age where they are ready to learn some steps, then it could be the best time to look into some lessons.

Children that take up dance before the age of 7 usually do it to hone their motor skills, co-ordination and to have fun, as more serious dance lessons could pose too much of a challenge. That is not to say that they cannot still have fun! Having young children in a group activity and learning how their bodies can move with simple movement to music can be very important to their development.

Serious Dance

For children who want to start taking a more serious approach to their dance lessons, the age of 7-9 is a great time to get them involved. This is a great age to start learning the basics of lots of different dance styles so that they will be very experienced by the time they break into their teenage years.

A key benefit to starting dance classes Cheshire at this age is that your child can learn to incorporate dance into their daily lives, as well as get a fair amount of movement and exercise for their muscle development and heart. They will learn coordination and endurance, as well as gain self-confidence which will help them to stay motivated into their teenage years.

These types of dances can involve Latin, Ballroom as well as tap, jazz, or even Ballet to get them motivated and trust their bodies, as well as other students to dance with.

Can a Child Be Too Old to Start?

When it comes to dancing, the truth is that there is no perfect age to give it a go. Dance is designed for people of all ages and body types.

If you have an older child who has aspirations of learning to dance, there is always a place for them at Darren & Lilia’s Dance Studio. At our studio, we take joy in teaching students of all ages and needs because dance is for everyone, and the rewards are worth the efforts. Even if you decide to take it up later in life and too late to make a career out of it does not mean that you will not get anything out of learning something as exciting as dance.

From working on physical and mental health to conquering self-doubt to simply having fun, dancing is something that everyone can learn and have as part of their lives.

Contact the Darren & Lilia Dance Studio today no matter what your age and enjoy something new and exciting with private dance lessons Manchester, group dance lessons, or dance lessons Cheshire.