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What is Considered the Easiest Dances to Start With?

First off, we have to tell you that no dance is as simple as they look – they all take a certain amount of dedication, skill, and timing. The good news is that they are not impossible to learn. There are easy dances to learn in comparison to more complex ones, and they each are a great step to getting to grips with your body coordination and confidence. Here are 3 of the easier dances that certainly provide you with a great understanding of your body’s natural rhythm.


The Waltz is undoubtedly the easiest step to master when starting in the world of dance. The reason is that it is timeless and stands to be around forever.

The Waltz is about mastering elegance and sophisticated style and is the best dance for multiple social settings. There are many an occasion where having a few Waltz steps in your back pocket will impress the right people.

Once you learn the Waltz through dance classes Cheshire, it becomes easier to learn others as you have already honed certain dance skills and gained the right amount of confidence in your learning ability. The Waltz is the simplest step to master and execute, allowing you to prepare for even greater styles as you progress.

Basic Cha Cha

The Basic Cha Cha is an exciting Latin dance deriving from Mambo and Swing, its fast and lively with lots of accented beats. It’s a fun time learning, better get those feet moving!

The Cha-Cha is fun for all ages and allows for a bit of expressionistic dance on the floor. As a compact dance, it is danced in place and is great at building your self-esteem and confidence – as well as adding some great fuel to your cardio workout on your legs, glutes, and core.

The Basic Cha-Cha also looks great and energetic to bust out at a wedding or social event, sure to clear the floor so that everyone can see your stuff. The basic Cha-Cha is perfect for dance lessons with a Strictly professional.


Salsa is one of those dances where previous dance steps learned can play a big part in making it easier to master. That is not to say beginners will find it hard, as specific muscle memory from learning other dances can sometimes slow down the ability to grasp certain movements and steps.

Salsa is all about coordination and instruction, but with an emphasis on fun in the learning process. This makes Salsa easy for a beginner as much as an experienced dancer in other styles as long as you have the flexibility, connection, and passion to learn through private dance lessons Manchester.

If you are interested in learning some new routines through private dance lessons Cheshire or group dance lessonsor just simply looking for easy dances to learn, contact the Darren & Lila Dance Studio today – the strictly come dancing professionals.