Darren and Lilia Dance Studio

From the Music Studio to a Dance Studio

Darren and Lilia’s dancing studio has finally opened its doors in Cheadle Hulme and has begun welcoming both couples and solos for private dance lessons.

Journeys End to a New Beginning

The journey to open the dance studio follows a particularly long relocation – including the effects of the lockdowns, countless stress, a house sale, and babies – to realise the ambition of returning to the northwest after nearly 20 years down in London.

The plan to open the studio has been on the cards for the better part of the last 5 years, and the untold problems of the global pandemic had temporarily put things in a difficult spot of uncertainty.

Back in Motion

With things returning to a sense of normality, Darren and Lilia were finally able to put things back in motion to do what they truly love – teaching and coaching dance pupils, whilst raising their family back in the north. The decision to relocate back to the northwest was all down to the overall Cheshire vibe, open countryside, and energy within the area.

With the welcome benefit of Manchester Airport within a few miles, the couple was able to keep to dedicated commitments abroad and for TV production, and the hunt was on for a long time for the best location for their new home and school. Before working for Strictly Come Dancing, Darren and Lilia taught dance from the family Dance Studio in Sheffield where the focus on junior, youth, amateur, senior and professionals led to many championships.

With adding Strictly to their resume, TV work overtook the Dance Studio training for several years, but it was always something that both missed in the day to day training and personal coaching of ambitious dancing talent.

Progressive Steps

With the new dancing studio now underway, Darren and Lilia have the space and venue to continue their passion for progressing the next generation of competitive dancers to the level of championships.

With their private home studio, all dance lessons Cheshire are individual and focused on a variety of dancing requirements – whether it be couples looking to perfect their first wedding dance, social dancers, or those at the competitive level – tailored to each student specifically.

The enthusiasm of Darren and Lilia is apparent for each new student, as is their drive to have everyone enjoy the experience of dance – from learning to improving. With the northwest as a hotbed for people to travel from all over the UK, the future looks bright for the Darren & Lilia Dance Studio with their first workshops already attracting a crowd.

For taking the next steps on your dance journey, contact Darren & Lilia today for more information on private dance lessons Manchester, group dance lessons, or wedding dance lessons.