Darren and Lilia Dance Studio

Darren & Lilia’s First Workshop Morning

Darren & Lilia hosted a very exciting day with the arrival of their very first dance workshop aimed at competitive dancers aged under 21 in their Cheshire dance studio.

Young From All Over

Young dancers travelled from all over the UK and Ireland to take part in working on techniques of each dance – from fundamentals to characterisation, allowing for juvenile, junior and youth competitive dancers to take something away and practice on their own.

The first workshop came alive with great energy from a great turnout. Whilst keeping the numbers small, to begin with, the workshop brought together these youngsters as couples and solo competitors by concentrating on each dancer and their individual needs.


First Steps

With the workshops being open to everyone, and a focus on adult workshops heading into the summer, the under 21s at all levels were allowed to learn competitive practice drills, techniques, and quality in Latin American dancing.

With the focus of the Darren and Lilia Dance Studio to hold monthly workshops to help aid young competitive dancers in really advancing their skills, the first workshop was a proven success that every single student taking part has signed up for the next workshop being held on the morning of June 25th 2022, with even more students signing up to begin on the second.


“This has been a real dream role for both Lilia and myself,” says Darren. “To see such a great turnout for our first workshop from these youngsters from not just around the UK, but as far as Ireland, it’s the best positive we could have hoped for in seeing them all working together and having fun. It is what dancing is all about – having fun.”

Looking Ahead

With the second dance workshop on June 25th, Darren and Lilia look to bring in some extra levels of technique, quality and principles around Latin dancing and instil the levels of fun in learning this dance style.

“We find it such a positive experience to be able to work in a group,” says Lilia. “Lots of dancers require the same information to be able to progress in their careers”.

With the prospect of more adult level workshops opening up in the summer, now is the perfect time to enquire about polishing up your competitive dance ambitions. Contact the strictly come dancing professionals Darren and Lilia today to enquire about upcoming workshops, private dance lessons Cheshire, private dance lessons Manchester or group dance lessons.