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Movies That Inspire the Dance Lessons

Everyone loves the movies – especially when we see a magical dance number that gets our feet tapping like we want to jump from our seats and join in the fun. No matter if it is Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone putting on a show of love in La La Land, to Travolta and Thurman busting out some jive moves in Pulp Fiction – we love the numbers and love to take part.

When it comes to weddings, special parties or even wanting to emulate the dance on a social media video, people want to learn the exact steps and enthral everyone watching. Here are some of the most iconic movie dances that people love to learn.

Saturday Night Fever

Disco may be dead but the pelvic and energetic motion of a young John Travolta on the lighted disco floor to the Bee Gee’s iconic Night Fever is automatically one of the most recognisable dance sequences in movie history – and seemingly everyone’s uncoordinated drunk uncle can attempt it at a family occasion.

Known as the Brooklyn Shuffle, it has its fair share of steps, twirls and hip swings that makes it a great dance to pull off on your own or in a group. Amazingly, even though it is famously associated with the Night Fever song, it was not the actual song Travolta was dancing to – as the Bee Gees only signed on to record the music after the movie was finished filming. You could never tell because the movement fits perfectly with the track and the dance has been used in every occasion and medium since it exploded into theatres in 1977.

Strictly Ballroom

Is there any movie that has done more for ballroom dancing than 1992’s Baz Luhrman classic Strictly Ballroom? Some can argue that the success of shows like Strictly Come Dancing was catapulted because of the worldwide box office smash that was this small Australian love letter.

The one scene that everyone remembers is the rule-breaking Paso Doble, a thrilling exhibition of Latin two-step energy that sends the crowds into a frenzy. Featuring sharp, staccato movements, striking body poses and flamenco-style footwork, this dance is guaranteed to get the audience clapping and the energy levels of the occasion to a fever pitch.

Not only was the Paso Doble the very first scene filmed for the movie, but actor Paul Mercurio danced the whole sequence with a sprained ankle. The pain was worth it though, as the high energy earned the scene a 15-minute standing ovation upon its first screening at Cannes and went on to become the most loved ballroom dancing movie ever.

Dirty Dancing

How could we possibly leave out the most famous dance movie of the last 40 years, and the most requested private dance lessons for newlyweds ever since?

That final dance scene is one of the most heart-pounding numbers ever put on the screen, even after all these years. Known as the Dirty Mambo – or the Time of My Life dance) – it combines steps of ballroom, mambo and a bit of street style incorporating swings, full and half steps and twist-pivot-jump-turn action that lights up the passion in the room. Everyone remembers the lift – possibly the most iconic part of the dance – and it is the riskiest part, as well as the part everyone waits to see.

Incredibly, it still inspires couples to learn the dance to this day – even if the original stars didn’t have a lot of love for each other. You would never know.

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