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Steps in Confidence: Dancing’s Hidden Lessons

Undertaking dance lessons for the first time is always going to be something that challenges your initial fears. We are, after all, creatures of habit that don’t automatically gravitate towards things that give us something new. It takes a lot of drive to jump in with both feet – especially if you are a male.

When it comes to dance lessons, there is a natural resistance from the male gender to learn something new. Whether it is a fear of feeling inferior if they cannot get the moves down as fast as others or a feeling of looking silly to others by doing something out of character, the male population have more energy in resisting taking up dance than jumping in willingly.

This could be why a lot of movies such as Stepping Out would showcase a single male in a group of women, or it is used as a comedy in such movies as Cuban Fury. The truth is that males taking up dance classes adds not only a great variety of people to the group, but also provide a lot of valuable key skills that a male may not realise they lack.

Better Coordination

Not every man is known for being nimble on their feet. They are typically heavy-footed and known to be more clumsy as a result. Dance classes for men are known to provide better coordination and give more control over body movement. Sure, you may trip over your own feet once or twice, but the brain begins to remember and soon instinct will kick in.

If you don’t believe that dancing is a manly activity – tell that to John Travolta. He became an icon for his moves in Saturday Night Fever and everyone knows THAT dance. Even male action icons like Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt and Bruce Lee took extensive dance classes to help with their coordination and understanding of movement.

Respect for Partners

Whilst nightclub dancing is all about the good times and alluring a potential partner, the world of dance lessons gives something even more bonding. Learning specific dance in tandem with a partner of the opposite sex is about trust, respect and protection.

Certain dances require a lot of energy and working together, getting both sets of movements to work together, and it requires you to work with one another to achieve something that makes you feel so good when it gets perfected. When leading in a dance, you gain confidence and trust in a partner, whilst knowing that any wrong move could injure your dance partner. This gives you responsibility and respect for the person who gives you the same.


What these areas of concentration give to you is confidence – something that you were missing at the very beginning in wanting to take part. This makes dance lessons fully rewarding and character-building and stays with you going forward.

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