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What is the Best Dance to Start With?

No matter what you believe, everyone loves to dance – and everyone has that urge to attend a dance class just to see if they can learn a step or two at some point in their life. Make no mistake about it, becoming good takes a lot of skill and dedication – not something that can be learned with one simple introduction class.

The fun is in learning to get to that level, overcoming your weaknesses and gaining confidence. Nothing is impossible, it just takes starting easy and growing in coordination and ability. The best way to start is by taking on easy dances at a beginner level that helps to gradually build your dance skillset.

So, what is the best dance style to learn?


If you want to get your feet moving from the get-go, the basic cha-cha is a fast and energetic number that is a lot of fun to master early. It is of Latin origin with roots stemming from Swing and Mambo.

This allows you to be expressive whilst building your confidence and ability seamlessly, giving your body a great cardio workout to boot. It is a dance set in place but gives off a unique energy that brings a crowd to the floor to see what you’ve got. If you have an upcoming wedding or social event on your calendar where a dance floor is present, then this easier dance is a perfect lesson to take up.


Salsa is a great follow on dance from any dance style, as previous steps learnt will make it easier to master this style. As a beginner, it poses more of a challenge, but it is a great level to work up to.

Salsa is a dance constructed from coordination and muscle memory, but leans heavily on the fun aspect throughout the learning stages. Through Salsa lessons, you get great experience in flexibility, determination and the ability to teach your body to move in ways you possibly have not in years. Your body will thank you for it with some great muscle workouts where you didn’t even know you had muscles.


Taking it right back down, the Waltz is considered the easiest dance to get your body used to moving on the dance floor. There is a reason that this age-old dance is still popular for weddings and social events – everyone can do it!

It is a dance of elegance and sophistication, and having a few steps at your disposal can impress your significant other or chosen dance partner for the evening. As one of the dance lessons we teach at our dance studio, we ease you into this popular dance no matter if you have previous dance skills or not, giving you the perfect balance and simple steps to get you on your way in your dance journey.

For the best dance style to learn and get you started, contact the Darren and Lilia Dance Studio today for your first dance classes Cheshire and make a positive step through dance steps.