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Hot Dances for Your Holiday Destinations

Summertime is here again and we all look forward to going somewhere hot and exotic for our break. One great thing about visiting different places is witnessing the culture – but many people don’t think to engorge themselves in a little before heading out.

Sure, we may learn a bit of the language to ask for certain things, but how many of us get the chance to sample a bit of the culture before we pack the bags? What about the sensational dance culture of these places you love to visit? What if you learned a few steps before taking your first steps into the country.

The Brazilian Samba

People love Brazil and its beautiful climate and party atmosphere – but what about the Samba? It is lively, it is athletic and has plenty of rhythms.

Whilst the advanced steps of samba can be quite a steep learning curve, the basics certainly prove to be a popular choice to prepare you for carnival time.

The Spanish Flamenco

Many of us love Spain and its various islands, and adding to the vast culture is the fast and lively Flamenco dance.

A popular favourite of many with its vigorous hand-clapping, heel-clicking and swift arm movements, the Flamenco is a stylish and energetic expressive dance. Though the rhythm and moves can be challenging at first, it soon becomes a whole lot of fun with or without a partner to do it with.

The Argentinian Tango

You know the old expression – it takes two to tango.

This dance requires good balance for a couple and a few long pauses. However, when mastered it is breath-taking in execution. Timing is key with this dance, juggling when and how fast you need to walk and when to freeze for effect. One thing is for certain, the tango will bring a spice of passion to those Argentina nights.

The Vienna Waltz

Vienna is the ultimate goal for so many couples and, although the waltz has many variations – that old Viennese Waltz is the one you would be dying to do on your destination break.

A turn left, a turn right and a counter clockwise swing around the dancefloor is like something out of an old-time movie – but you don’t have to be old to master it. This is a great dance to learn as a couple even just to get the basics down and gain the confidence to take to the floor on the international level.

No matter where you look to take the ultimate break, it always helps to take in some culture with some early dance classes Cheshire and gain a first few steps before soaking in the energy of your holiday destination.

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