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Men Feel More Confident During Private Dance Lessons

It is no secret that when it comes to private dance lessons women are enthusiastic, whereas male’s are a bit more reluctant when it comes to dance lessons for men. This is not just limited to adults, as teenagers also have this real reaction.

Dance is a hugely influential and fun exercise adopted by many women and the LGBT community, all finding expression and communication through a variety of dance styles and classes – but the men often have to be brought out of their comfort zone a lot more than any other group.

This can also be the reason why certain types of dance classes have more female members than males – possibly feeling that this certain style is not something they either feel they can do or would ever want to do. In truth, men tend to get the most out of different types of dance styles. Just think how all of those old golden age movies would be today if the men didn’t know how to confidently lead on the dance floor.

Dance lessons are something all men can benefit greatly from and the truth is… you can’t get through life without having to dance. That dance floor will get you eventually no matter how much you avoid it.


Men are not usually known for being light on their feet, and learning to dance is a way where they can improve their coordination and get a better handle on control of their movements.

There is no fear of feeling less of a man for learning some softer steps – after all, many men may not know that the embodiment of toughness, Bruce Lee, himself was very adept at the Cha Cha – even becoming a champion at it in Hong Kong.

Respectful Interaction

Dancing with a partner is not all about the dirty dancing that usually goes on at the clubs, it is an art that teaches us the right and respectful way to interact with members of the opposite sex.

Dancing is about gaining trust in your partner, and this is something that can be taught from children’s age through to adulthood. If you have seen a partner dancing before, you’ll understand that leading is tricky and the part of the man usually requires them to lead. When leading on dance, it is done with confidence and gentleness and requires a man to make decisions and communicate them to his partner for them to join them.


Speaking of confidence, once a man feels comfortable with what his body can do within private dance lessons Cheshire and how to move with the music, the self-confidence is ironclad and will only grow, both on the dance floor and off.

It also opens up a different appreciation of music associated with the style that you learn, such as Latin, ballroom and salsa. They will also learn a new appreciation for learning from your partner on the dance floor and picking up on their cues and creating a stronger bond through it.

Learning to dance is something incredibly rewarding for males to take up, and the sense of pride your female partner will have when you begin to lead with confidence is something that stays with you forever.

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