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Don’t Underestimate That First Wedding Dance

The first wedding dance is easily one of the most standout pieces of the entire wedding ceremony. The throwing of the bouquet can be left to chance, but the dance is the thing that needs to go off without a hitch – whilst you get hitched.

Don’t Wing It, Own It

Everyone can tell a couple who is winging their way through their dance routine, probably not dedicating any time to get something resembling a first dance and resting on that slow side-to-side motion that looks like you are just holding each other up. Not the most gracious of memories to share with everyone and each other, I’m sure you’ll agree.

A relationship and marriage take a lot of effort – and you should be showcasing the commitment to that by making an effort together to create a memorable first dance through wedding dance lessons.

Stepping Up to Commitment

The fear of taking on something that you don’t naturally know how to do can be a major deterrent, but the thought going in should be simply just not stepping on each other’s feet – and taking it from there.

In comparison, finding the right song to dance to is quite simple, but being sure to find a song that is easier to move to is a whole different kettle of fish. It can be frustrating for you both to decide on something mutually appreciative as being your first song – and it can be anything – but you need to know how to dance to it to pull everything off.

Today’s wedding dance lessons can also be quite extravagant if you choose them to be. You have all been won over by the Strictly numbers on TV and feel the need to spruce up the format – and a hell of a lot of fun in learning.

Surprising Everyone

The first wedding dance is about everyone getting to see you as a couple in complete harmony – but that does not mean you cannot entertain the masses with something more unique. You can even surprise each other by adding a few little sexy surprises in your sections of the dance.

This can be the groomsmen or bridesmaids stepping in for a portion of the dance to a choreographed routine learned through group dance lessons, turning a small part of the day into one of the greatest memories you’ll ever share.

Whatever you want your special dance to be, you need mentoring in the steps to make it a success. Contact the Darren & Lilia dance studio today to get your mind, body and commitment into your first big moment together.