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How Can I Prepare for My First Dance Class?

So, the summer is here and you have a little extra time in your schedule throughout the week. You wanted to fill it with something fun and you chose to do dance classes Cheshire. This is a great choice and, although you obviously cannot wait to learn your first steps, there are some things you can do whilst waiting for your first dance class to start. So take some time, read the following, and prepare yourself to have some fun.

Think About Dress

What is better than feeling good? It’s looking just as good.

When you start your first lesson, you don’t want to be wearing some lay-around clothes just because they are the comfort go-to’s. There is nothing wrong with buying some new clothes just for your dance lessons – from comfortable and confident clothing, to snug sneakers that are not too tight.

Wear your clothes in beforehand and get comfortable in them. Remember, style comes later so just be comfortable when starting.

Prepare the Mindset

Even if your first dance class is a beginner’s class with not much expectation from you, having the right mindset set will serve you well. Remember, you are not going to know how to move when you show up – you are there to learn like everyone else. If you knew how to do it, you’d be teaching it!

If you fail to set your mind to learning from scratch, frustration will get the better of you. There is nothing wrong with falling on your butt 19 times out of 20. It’s that 1 time you are working towards. Along the way, take every bit of feedback that comes your way as a positive, and ask questions on areas you think you are struggling with.

The big one – don’t compare yourself with everyone else’s success on steps and movements. You are going to be your progress.

Set Some Goals

Don’t expect to be Fred Astaire after a week, but there are some great goals you can work on that will help set the bar for your learning experience.

Your ultimate goal is learning to master a dance or set of dances, but there are great mini-goals you can set along the way. These can be mental exercises too, such as not comparing yourself to others’ progress as mentioned, or mastering two steps per class and building them up week by week.

Another could be to go out of your way to get to know a person within the group and expand your social network.

Preparing to have some fun with private dance lessons means you can prepare ahead, resulting in a much better experience overall. Contact the Darren and Lilia, strictly come dancing professionals, today for group dance lessons, private dance lessons Cheshire, or wedding dance lessons